The results of the police employee Rivne region in the direction of traffic management and surveillance of roads for 2 months 2015

For two months in 2015 traffic police region for the inspections, maintenance of the road network compiled 46 reports on administrative violations on officials of road Comunalenyh and rail organizations directly responsible for the condition of roads, streets and railroad crossings (79.3% of the total administrative reports drawn up by st.139, 140, 188-28 CAO). In particular, for failure regulations and requirements of SAI (st.188-28 CAO) compiled 16 protocols. Ten reports compiled from abuserules, regulations and standards relating to road safety in the maintenance of roads, crossings and other road facilities for ch. 1, Art. 140 Administrative Code, which provides fine on officials from sixty to eighty months wages (1020-1360 UAH.). When surveyed roadplaces the commission's terms of accidents in the 12 accidents recorded deficiencies in the maintenance of roads and streets that were concomitant cause the commission of an accident, including 2 accidents committed in the streets. Exactly. Over these facts traffic police administrative reports drawn up by ch. 4. 140 CAO. Yes, 05.02.2015 and 09.02.2015 administrative reports drawn up by Part 4 of Art. 140 CAO officials in Rivne road and operational management of highways for the shortcomings in the maintenance cover in winter roadway street 6th Guards and the intersection of John Reed - Briullov where recorded winter slyzkist not treated antiglaze material. Courtesy of prescriptions for addressing the identifieds shortcomings. Sent 62 information and provided 240 requirements for taking action on road safety, improvement of traffic management. This was reported in the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs UGAI Ukraine in Rivne region