In Chernihiv region reduced DSNS conducted reconnaissance detachments 1500 km. areas of the eastern regions to identify new routes traffic currently

people in eastern Ukraine continue to operate two emergency rescue and rehabilitation of Interregional Center Mobile Response and Rescue Center DSNS. Yes, more than a week inDonetsk region is elevated to rescue squad Interregional Center Response DSNS led by Colonel Sergei Belyaev. First of all, they spend areas to explore possible ways people safe removal and delivery of humanitarian assistance to municipalities. This unit already has considerable experience in nadsklaaqueous conditions. After all, last summer they were two months completely restored Lysychansk Lugansk region and re-launched life of the city. In addition, they are under fire balls delivered humanitarian aid in cities such Lugansk region as Golden Field, Mountain, Popasna, Lisichans'k Pervomajsk. So these rescuers already know how toidnayty safe routes to carry out organized removal dopravyty people and humanitarian assistance. In addition, the joint unit carries out repairs and helps local authorities and residents to restore the destroyed buildings. There is also work on preparing a possible shelter for further use. In particular, yesterday, March 2, mobile MIzhrehionalnoho Response Center DSNS Ukraine inspected and has worked on the preparation of protective structures (shelter) in the streets Kramatorska: Ascension, Shkadynova, Bohdan Khmelnytsky, proletarian, Ordzhenikidze and school. So rescuers cleared the objects and taken 18 tons of waste. In addition, elevated zahiMr. independently offered to local authorities Words ’ Jansky help rebuild the roof Territorial Defence Staff. Soon we will begin repair work. Recall that on February 23 in Donetsk region is joint unit Interregional Center Response DSNS Ukraine in the amount of 30 personnel and 6 unitstechnology. During all the period of the joint unit has conducted exploration 520 km. areas and roads, as well as delivered and dumped 10 tons of humanitarian aid for the people in the village. Mironovsky Donetsk region. At the same time, in the Luhansk region continue to work rescuers Mobile Rescue Center headed by Sergey LAVRYNENKO. Thisdetachment and repeatedly took out people from dangerous areas. Thousands of lives saved, including small children, in the account dedicated rescuers Mobile Rescue Center Sergei LAVRYNENKO. It is thanks to the heroism of the rescuers, in early February, the armored KrAZ, from the village Chernukhin constantly subjected to bombardment by terorystiv and almost impossible process of evacuation from there people were taken 142 person, including 20 children. The men were taken almost out of bullets. To do this several times to rescue KrAZ came to town and counted each time a new route for safety. Currently, rescuers continue to search for new export routes safepeople from towns and villages Luhansk region. Yesterday, March 2 rescue squad had consolidated exploration routes to 9 towns and districts of Lugansk region to organize and conduct work related ’ associated with the delivery of humanitarian supplies and possible export of local residents in the event of artillery and mortar attacks from Bockseparatyskyh in groups. In addition, for all the period of the joint unit has conducted exploration in 1080 km. areas and roads, as well as delivered and dumped more than 30 tons of humanitarian aid to the population Syeveredonetska, Novotoshkivky, Trinity, Popasna. Press office DSNS Ukraine