Tips citizens: what to do in case of Munitions

First of all, experts advise: if you notice a suspicious package or object left unattended and that outwardly resembles the explosive device, in any case, do not touch it, do not attempt to disassemble. Get away to a safe distance, limit the movement of others at Aveedmetu and must report his find to the police hotline 52-42-24, or by calling 102. Please note that may look like explosive devices: - Boxes, bags, bags or other items left unattended; - Items which are fixed telephones, pagers, watches etc. - Boxes, which are mounted lampsribbon, switches or wires sticking out of them; - Cans, bottles, tin or plastic containers from which the smell of gasoline, kerosene or gas. Also remember about the minimum safe distance when detecting explosives or suspicious items. Thus, the most common ones: