The third stage of the Ukrainian subject Olympiads in 2015 is coming to the finish line

from 18 January to 1 March this year Vinnichchine held the third stage of the Ukrainian subject Olympiads. During this time, 16 competitions (mathematics, German, French, physics, geography, biology, Ukrainian language and literature, astronomy, history, Mr.olska language and literature, science, environment, information technology, economics, Russian, English, chemistry). "This seemed would end the competition, but in February, the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine initiated the subject of two competitions law and labor training for students of the 11thclasses. made arrangements first stage of the Olympiad in schools. Thus, the law of 2nd stage Olympiad held March 6 and March 20 Stage 3, respectively March 13 and April 3 - held the second and third stages of labor studies Olympics "- said Deputy Director of the Department of Education and Science RSA - Nachalnyka control secondary, pre-school education and upbringing of Andrew Lisak. Reference: In the third stage of Ukrainian students 2013-2014 BC. p. 2187 students attended secondary schools region, of which 1042 students were winners, including 153 - won first-degree diplomas, 353 - second, 536 - toho. This was reported in the Vinnytsia Regional State Administration