Natshvardiya party received armored vehicles that are fully restored at Vinnytsia 45th factory (+ photos)

military members of the National Guard 3008 Ukraine received five refurbished BTR-70. Old APCs that without proper conservation quarter century were based in storage. Donetsk, fully restored at Vinnytsia 45th Expoexperimental mechanical plant. After overhaul, March 4, armored vehicles of the Vinnitsa enterprises Yavorivskyi sent to landfill in the Lviv region. Here, they will use for training personnel who have mobilized in the last, fourth wave. To give a second life to an armored personnel carrier, now the team of 4 people need to mayzhe month, but the restoration of the party APCs spent more time, because all took place in a test mode and formed with zero professional team. Said the director of "Factory 45" Nikolay Chumak. "Overall, Vinnytsia 45th 5 factory teams already restored 14 APCs. It should be borne in mind that we have to invest in a short time and usually doquality work. Extremely serious problem is that the industry that manufactured components and spare parts for such equipment is now lost. The biggest problem is the lack of mechanical rubber goods, while specialized enterprises Vinnitsa region can produce a complete set for such technology "- Mykola Chumak. A bridge tocollaboration between Vinnytsia 45th factory and specialized companies in the region now serves as regional and local authorities, said RSA chairman Valery cow. "In Vinnitsa region are a number of engineering companies have already begun to establish cooperation between 45th and plant such Mogilev-Podolsky Machine Building Plant and Bratslavskym plant. So if enough public contracts, on the one hand, we will assist the men, on the other - encourage the development of engineering industry as a winery and region as a whole "- said Valery cow. On the overhaul of armored vehicles funds allocated from the state budget. Also refurbished armored vehicles laborers factory installed guard. Money for extra protection assembled deputies of the city council and deputy mayor of Vinnitsa, said Secretary of the City Council,. about. Mayor Sergei Morgunov. "There fraction and the City. Financial help deputies and deputy mayors, including Valery Cowand. So 50% of the grill was offset, which is 310 thousand UAH. The remaining costs assumed Works "- said Sergey Morgunov. Guide the 45th plant hopes that this thing public order compared to 2014 year will be doubled. According to Nikolai Chumak enough capacity at the plant, because now plant downloadsand only 30%. According to the head of the Vinnytsia Regional State Administration Valeriy Koroviya - a unique company that not long ago was on the verge of stopping. "Last year was a discussion about the association of 732 and 45 factories. Now its facilities are people who are engaged in repair military equipment. So at the same factory created 732 new jobs 60 mists. And now the basic fact that the company is a professional team that virtually from scratch repairs on working drawings that essentially can not be restored. Therefore, we will do everything to the maximum extent involve state order for the company and develop the area "- said Valery cow. This was reported in the Vinnytsia Regional State Administration