In Ternopil region Chortkiv Zabolotivtsi in-chief honor the UPA Shukhevych

Photo archive March 5 Zabolotivka Chortkiv District held a rally-requiem dedicated to 65th anniversary of the death of the commander of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army, General cornet Shukhevych (Taras Chuprynky). It is in this village in 1945 was arranged byvstanska secret places from which Taras has Chuprynka inspection units UPA-South. In memory of these events in Zabolotivtsi built bust legendary commander. Each year, patriotic public Ternopil going to this place's birthday and the day of death of the legendary commander of UPA T. Chuprynky. Meeting-requiem start12.00 This was reported in the press service of the Ternopil Regional Council