In Lviv founded the English-language scientific journal on mathematical modeling

Lviv Polytechnic Center for Mathematical Modeling and founded a new English-language scientific journal Mathematical Modeling and Computing (Mathematical Modeling and Information Technologies"). This was reported in the press service of the National University « Lviv Polytechnic » The new edition of ’ manifest through the joint efforts of scientists of the National University « Lviv Polytechnic » and the Center for Mathematical Modeling Institute for Applied Problems of Mechanics and Mathematics Pidstryhach NAS of Ukraine. But initiated his staff in the Department of Applied Mathematicsniversytetu. This is the second such English-language magazine that publishes Lviv Polytechnic. Two years ago, the university launched a publication that is intended for foreign readers and highlights the scientific perspective, floor ’ associated with chemistry. In the editorial board, headed by the rector of the Lviv Polytechnic National University Professor George Bobalo included well-known UKh and nine foreign scientists ’ mint countries, including Poland, Austria, Italy, USA, Sweden, Hungary, Kazakhstan. Lviv Polytechnic it represents the Head of the Department of Applied Mathematics Peter Kostrobii, Center for Mathematical Modeling – Jaroslav P ’ yanylo and Eugene Heron. Welcomed the emergence of a new English academicWallis and technical journal president of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine Borys Paton. He said that recently expanded representation of Ukrainian periodic scientific publications in the world. Thus, the 87 Ukrainian foreign magazines publishing reissued in English 21. Another 10 English-speaking scientific journals published in Ukraine. This losspoints to a strong tendency to integrate Ukrainian researchers in the world of science. Among the authors who presented on the pages of Mathematical Modeling and Computing its research portfolio, many Lviv Polytechnic. Among them – Miroslav Kutniv Oksana Pozdriy Vladimir Goncharuk and Veronica Dmitruk. It is, incidentally, made a translation and litredahuvannya material first issue. Log out volume of 120 pages and will first frequency twice a year. Parallel and created an electronic version of the publication. Told