Chernigov: control station for landscaping works effectively

Commission Chernihiv City Council with an analysis of financial and economic activity of municipal property and contract enforcement leaders unanimously declared their effective work KP "Plot Control for landscaping city" in 2014 and decided to award manager Sectionidpryyemstva. This was during a commission meeting March 2 committee chairman, Deputy Mayor Nicholas Chernihiv Mirgorodsky. It was noted that in a few years' Plot to control the beautification of the city "gradually with loss-maker - 80 thousand in 2013 - has become a profitable and efficient. Netincome in 2014 amounted to 373 000 USD. During the meeting the head station responded to the questions of the committee members present and Chernihiv city and district councils. In the Commission also examined the results of ME "School". His work is also considered effective, but the profitability was twice lower than the "PS with controlyu for the beautification of the city. " Furthermore, heard reports of heads and found satisfactory work "Chernihivvodokanal" municipal road-building enterprise and "Chernigov trolley management." * Photo of the meeting of the Commission According to KP "Plot Control for beautification of the city"