Residents might otherwise be difficult to Luhansk Lviv thanked residents for protection from the enemy

Residents of the city of Luhansk region Svatove thank the residents of Lviv. Gratitude February 13, gave the head of Lviv Regional State Administration Oleg Synyuttsi delegation Svatovsky City Council Secretary Alexander Yevtushenko, manager of Svativskohof the executive committee and deputy Anatoly Lunyova Svatovsky Zvyaholskoho Alexander City Council, according to the press service of the LOSA. &Laquo; With the contribution of each resident of Lviv to the protection of our country, with assistance of IDPs Donbass warm your souls and hearts. I bow to mothers with education at Lvivpravzhnih patriots – loyal sons of Ukraine. Let them return home alive and unharmed. May God always protects your family & raquo ;, – said in gratitude. Also in the family in the hint grateful to them ’ I every defender of Lviv, who serve in Svatova. &Laquo; We express our gratitude to you, dear soldiers because of the following compositiontion for Ukraine time you uphold the sovereignty and independence of our country & raquo ;. During a conversation with Oleg Synyutka delegation insisted that despite the different moods, city Svatove remains outpost Ukraine in Lugansk region. Help. CBA? Tove – Slobozhanshchyna city, founded in 1660th pp. Ukrainian Cossacks settlers (as a settlement Svatova Luchka), 1938 transformed the city. During the separatist and terrorist speeches in the Donbas de facto – regional center Lugansk region. Told