Hall Lviv Polytechnic restore

in the National University "Lviv Polytechnic" is the restoration of the assembly hall. This was reported in the press service of the Lviv Polytechnic. Concept of restoration work proposed staff of the Department of restoration and reconstruction of architectural complexes, headed by Professor Nicholas Bevza.He said there was a need for repair work through local peeling paint on the spaces between columns. That is why the university administration decided not to hold a local cosmetic repairs and more thorough update of all facilities, including space that took pictures of his students Jan Matejko. Nicholas Bevz said that scientists CountryPhaedra performed soundings surface of walls, columns, decoration and sculpture. As a result, under layers found marmuryzatsiyu – paintings in the so-called artificial marble. &Laquo; these paintings art major surfaces of walls create an atmosphere richer aesthetic space. They were painted – the first time before 1939 and again – in 1967-1968. The first painting was probably because the hall before opalyuvaly two cast-iron stoves. In the late thirties, had air heating. Therefore, temperature change rooms. On the walls went small cracks. They could be to repair, but it required professional restoration « marble » layer. Therefore DecideOr that it is easier to sketch piers & raquo ;, – said the professor, adding that the restorers would fully restore the authentic coverage under « Stucco & raquo ;. However, this approach was not supported because of the situation that is now prevailing in the country. Therefore adopted a compromise: the third cover all piers paint, but with the applicationsaccount the reverse technology. According to the plan restorers This painting – temporary. &Laquo; May 5-10 years, but we have to restore the authentic appearance of space. is offered for inspection only leave a small piece of open and restored « marble » surface on the western wall space & raquo ;, – Nicholas said Bevwith. He also said that the pictures are taken off the walls inspect experts. &Laquo; they look or not ’ appeared in paintings of any changes or destruction, whether they need new conservation work & raquo ;. &Ndash; said Nicholas Bevza. Told

Source: http://artlife.rv.ua/