George Kovalenko calls to celebrate Valentine's Day as a celebration of love

Archpriest Ukrainian Orthodox Church (MP), chief editor of the portal "Orthodoxy in Ukraine" George Kovalenko calls this year to celebrate St. Valentine's Day is not as lovers, as well as a celebration of love. Love the real, true and eternal. George Kovalenko. Photo: orthodoxy.org.ua He writes in his blog on TSN says. Serve full text in the original language: &Laquo; Lets celebrate this Valentine's Day is not a day As lovers and How Prazdnika love. That was the Poyavyvshyesya in Kiev bylbord and sytylayt, zazvayuschye prazdnovanye on Valentine's Day, after Mariupol, and Kramatorsk Debal'tsevo somehow became disappearedfarm machines IZ field of view. But Mezhdunarodny'j day vseh lovers nemynuemo pryblyzhaetsya and This is behaving talk about love, as well as at symvolycheskyh Features toho day in this feed. I think something nnche nykoho not udyvysh info Volume, something Valentine has no blog nykakoho relationships for Valentine ago, Kotor znaet churches (Orthodox and,and katolycheskaya). There is no such a tserkovnh calendar day. This is secular Prazdnika co svoymy Tradition, Valentine, and vecherynkamy of commercial vendors Interest tsvetov and otkrtok. This year vseh lovers pryshelsya day on Saturday. And ta Saturday, on the church calendar, not ryadovaya and pomynalnaya Vselenskaya rodytelskaya. In this day vo vseh temples and Monasteries WILL trace our ancestors pochyvshyh, as well as our contemporaries, life chy bring it into war. Many IZ them bly Patriot. A patryotyzm – This is love. Many IZ them bly Defenders homeland, PSI earth and svoyh neighbor. And Christ say something « no one bolshe love someone soul polahaet friends svoyh & raquo ;. Nahlaya and wouldesposchadnaya death razluchyla family, sdelala some widows, orphans second, took the children earlier parents. But love ostalas. Death of neutralization not vlastna. Then there something God love, and love – This is Divine feeling in man. &Laquo; Love Everybody perestaet » &Ndash; these words zavershaetsya love hymn of St. Paul IZ MESSAGEfor Corinthians. Therefore let us celebrate Saturday tu Or better « celebrate » (Held in holiness) – Ukrainskaia word here nravytsya me bolshe – Like no day lovers and How Prazdnika love. Love by this, podlynnoy, vechnoy. Let pomolymsya at pochyvshyh. Let uteshym poteryavshyh. Let obnymem of someone dear to us,and that someone with us a number. Let's send a valentine topics in fron someone, the more someone in hospytale, and topics someone in captivity. Way, the very starynnoy valentynkoy is believed MESSAGE Charles Duke of Orleans, napysannoe im IZ wife in 1415 to enter fed, ie Exactly 600 years ago. Original toho MESSAGE, lyshenny External ukrashenyy, but in napolnennynutrennym Contents sohranylsya – ego can be a uvydet for British Museum. Let us tell our vozlyublennm, topics, number of anyone, and topics someone otoshel co Lord, O nashej love. And remember – There is no God in the dead with God all zhyv! Heroes do not umyrayut! Love pobedyt! And Recall The next day, February 15 something – Prazdnika Sretenyya Hospodneho.This is day meeting – meeting with God and man meeting lyubyaschyh hearts kotoruyu us obeschal Lord & raquo ;. Told

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