Transcarpathian through jealousy sent his opponent to the intensive care unit

during a party between former friends had a conflict with the wife. As a result of a fight was in intensive care, and another - the police. By the duty of Mukachevo Gorotdel police received a report from the district hospital that to them "fast" delivered 40 yearsmukachivtsya rent asunder skull with brain in a state of coma. Employees of the Criminal Investigation and Martin Jaroslav Jaroslav Hankovych found out the circumstances of the incident. Broke the victim's 30-year-old resident of Mukachevo, which previously had problems with the law and been brought to justice. As the suspect himself in the evening to closelasnoho house he met a 40-year-old friend. Both men were drunk and started z`yasovuvaty relations through younger girlfriend. Taking a bottle of vodka, decided to continue the conversation at home in younger men. We sat for an hour or two, but to a consensus never reached. Himself the victim allegedly claimed that he did not leaveone's them alone, as referred girlfriend loves ... Burning alcohol jealous men began to fight. The very woman who was the cause of the conflict, tried to stop the men, but no one listened. Only vhamuvavshy his rage, rivals separated. But older home was bad, and he called "fast". In this incident investigator in Gorotdelidkryv criminal proceedings under Part 1 st.121 Criminal Code of Ukraine (intentional grievous bodily harm). Jealous facing imprisonment for a term of 5 to 8 years. Natalia Machico Mukachevo CF MIA