In the Transcarpathian region in the mountains last searches misguided citizens of the Czech Republic

evening of March 2, the large area g Blyznytsia Rakhivsky area during the tourist route lost six tourists. Notice is received by the Operational Rescue Service at 17:20. Citizens of the Czech Republic, previously zareyestruvavshys in rescue units, set off to conquer the slopes of the Carpathians. Because of the bad weather, they lost a landmark and lost. One of the tourists fell into a gorge. The remaining n ’ yatero were to spend the night in a tent. In search of tourists from the Czech Republic sent personnel mountain search and rescue departments village Yassin, p. Lazeshchyna and m. Rachel – around 21 people and 4 pieces of equipment. Due to bad weather conditions (strong wind, fog, snow) increases search time. From lost tourists constantly maintained telephone communications ’ roads, and one of them rescuers visual contact. Search and work continues under the personal supervision of the head DSNS Ukraineyiny Sergei Bochkovsky. In DSNS Ukraine in the Transcarpathian region