State car Volyn says: scooter - potential danger on the road!

With the onset of spring and summer drivers begin to use the scooter. This is not surprising, is easy to manage device attracts many who want to ride "with the wind." Driving a scooter you can see adolescent (often children) and pensioners. YetAccording to statistics, nearly one-third of people who have suffered as a result of an accident in Ukraine - it is the drivers of scooters. Properties relatively fragile two-wheeled design leaves very little chance to get out unscathed from the accident. In addition, the unit used scooter helmets that saved many lives. The major reasons are the tragedies of ignorancebasic traffic rules and management moped drunk. The sudden appearance of a scooter driver on the road - quite dangerous. Even more dangerous when driving a moped or motorcycle - children. The smallest error - and can happen irreparable disaster. The fact that there are traffic accidents with children, there are wine adults: parents, teachers, hundredrshyh sisters and brothers who do not always follow the behavior of children. Often give them mopeds, motorcycles. State car Volyn region encourages you not to allow children under the age of 16 years to drive a moped, scooter or motorcycle! Constantly monitor their behavior. Purchased store motozasoby way that they could notand use in your absence for students. By operating vehicles, be an example in observing traffic rules. UGAI Internal Affairs of Ukraine Volyn region