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In Lutsk "Shana Bard" Lutsk and

invited guests attend events cycle "Shana Bard" to commemorate Taras Shevchenko 1. 03/03/2015 12.00 Literary hour "for ever towards Shevchenko" Library Branch 5 2. 03/04/2015 11.00 Literary thematic hour "Taras Shevchenko lives and said" Library Branch4 3. 05-11.03.2015 during the day Literature exhibition "The Great Prophet resurrection Ukraine" Central Library for adults 4. 03/05/2015 throughout the day View of Literature "in the word righteous, in the glory of the age" Library Branch 2 Children 5. 03/05/2015 16.00 Interactive public meeting "History of History" Watching the film "Shevchenkoand the song " Club "Patriot Homeland" 6. 06/03/2015 12.00 Literary hour "Shevchenko - prophet of the nation" Library branch 9 7. 06/03/2015 12.00 The literary portrait "wall immortal words of truth" Library Branch 6 8. 06/03/2015 15.00 Flash Mob "Bow, Kobzar you!" Library Branch 3 for children 9. 6-11.03.2015 during the day BookSociety exhibition "Beauty word through the centuries" Central Library for adults 10. 8-12.03.2015 during the day Literature exhibition "Going from childhood to T." Library-branch 10 11. 09/03/2015 12.00 Literary and musical hour "We unites thoughts Poet" Pr Wola, near the monument to Taras Shevchenko 12. 09/03/2015 13.00 Literary and artistic diystvo "Bow Taras" Oblmuzdram Theatre 13. 09/03/2015 14.00 Literature and music program "Do not forget to remember ..." House of Culture The September neighborhood 14. 09/03/2015 14.00 Literary Hour "He will live forever" Teremnivskyy House of Culture 15. 03/10/2015 13.00 Literary quiz "What do I know about Shevchenko?" Library Branch11 16. 03/10/2015 12.00 Dirge Pr Wola, near the monument to Taras Shevchenko 17. 03/10/2015 16.00 Artistic Presentation "Kobzar in the heart" Palace of Culture 18. 11/03/2015 15.00 Literary Evening "Native Word pages Poet" club "Restless Heart" Palace of Culture 19. 03/30/2015 18.00 Mystery "Big cellar" the works Packagingsa Shevchenko staged theater-studio "Circle Lesi" Palace of Culture 20. 31/03/2015 14.00 Mystery "Big cellar" the works of Taras Shevchenko staged theater-studio "Circle Lesi" House of Culture The September neighborhood Department of Culture (720 447) This was reported in Lutsk City Council