In Lutsk Library-branch 10 a presentation of the exhibition of ceramics "creative showcase of Tatiana Vegera"

The event was part of the "rehabilitation through work" actively implemented in conjunction with the library Volyn Regional charitable organization stomovanyh disabled "Astom - Volyn "for the second year in a row. In whistinthese presents 210 works by Tatiana Vegera which is engaged in pottery for over 7 years. Uses for the red and white clay. Works astonishingly varied, imagination and individual design. During the presentation of the exhibition mistress told about the sequence of making ceramics, especially the burning in an oven attemperature of 800 degrees, glazing, painting and decorating. First Deputy Chairman of the Regional Council Alexander Pyrozhyk said that at a time when our country is going through difficult times, it is important not to forget about spirituality and beauty and fully support the talented people who contribute to the spiritual growth of the nation. The official thanked the organizers for maintenance specific categories of people and the organization of such events. The head doctor of Volyn Regional Hospital for disabled veterans Tatiana Masikova telling them about hospital rehabilitation department for participants ATO and supported the organizers on the involvement of the "Rehabilitation through creativity" ATU members. In support ofin the organization of activities and participant of the battalion called "Dnepr-1", which took part in the ATO under m.Ilovayskom Sergey Shaposhnikov. Catherine Miller, head of the regional charitable organization stomovanyh disabled "Astom - Volyn" noted that the involvement of people with disabilities to different types of art help identifyS new talent, enhance the process of self-realization through the result of their own creativity and facilitates the passage of the process of psychological and spiritual rehabilitation and social adaptation. The event took place in a good friendly atmosphere. Of particular mood added musical numbers performed by students of Lutsk music school 1 im.Fryderyka Chopin ULJana Sobetsu and Alexandra decent. Participants enthusiastically examined exposure communicate with masters. " Department of Culture (720 447) This was reported in Lutsk City Council