Director KP "Weasel" to exchange experiences in several cities visited Ukraine

Director KP "Weasel", head of the NGO "Volyn Society for the Protection of Animals", Vice President AZOU - Bogdan Novarchuk visited several cities in Ukraine to exchange experience. It is in Lutsk significant contribution to resolve this problem. She visited the city of Rivne metbe of Rivne Mayor Vladimir Khomko. In exactly met the special department that deals with catching animals that after sterilization return to their previous residence. However, due to the large number of returned animals began mass poisoning chotyrylapyh. Animal advocates sounded the alarm, asking Createand separate the utility, similar as in Lutsk. Vladimir Khomko promised to pay attention to the issue and provide the necessary funding for measures to address the problem. Also consider a proposal for a separate CPU. The meeting was also attended by head of NGO "Center for development of electronic animal identification" Viktor Kopacz, Wormsand created software for electronic identification of animals, which successfully established itself in Lutsk. Therefore, the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine recommended to all the cities enter the e identification of pets in the database enimal-id, because the program gives the result is a non-profit platform and does not require financialcosts. In an interview with the exchange of experience participated representatives of NGOs and Love Sydorchuk Head to capture animals in. Exactly Tamara Lukyanchuk. The second meeting Bogdan Novarchuk and Viktor Kopacz took place within the walls of the State Veterinary and Phytosanitary Service of Ukraine, where activists were invited as speakers to address etc.oblem of homeless animals by humane methods. After Kyiv director KP "Weasel" with his colleague Victor went in. Amounts where a round table with Deputy Mayor Ivan Bortnik, Director of capture - Sergei Sytnyk, the heads of all the issues relevant units for homeless animals and animal advocates who iniated meeting. By the way, Alexander Syplenko main animal advocates in and practicing lawyer and his wife and volunteers hold public shelter at their own expense, where more than 200 dogs rescued from death. This was reported in Lutsk City Council