Lviv Philharmonic donated 60 thousand. The needs of the 80th airborne brigade

Lviv Philharmonic actively involved in supporting Ukrainian soldiers in the area ATO. In particular, after the concert "Save Life", held on 28 January, the needs of the 80 st Airborne airborne brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine has transferred 60 thousand UAH. This was reported in the press service of the Lviv City Council. &Laquo; Lviv Philharmonic conducted the concert together with the Honored Artist of Ukraine Bohdan Ihor, who initiated the concert. Igor Bogdan attracted to participate in the concert « Save the life » famous artists in the genre of pop and classical music. This Hatalka Karp, Lily Vavrin, Andrew Zalisko, Nazar Savko Alexander Bozsik, Vladislav Levitsky, Yasmin Romanov. It is nice that lions ’ Jana numerically supported this charity event, and the hall was full. The evening was of lofty patriotism, because the charity concert got involved in the fighting. Doluchaymosya to important business,because only together we can help our country to restore peace & raquo ;, – noted in Lviv Philharmonic. Told