In Vinnytsia workers Bershad police arrested a pickpocket who stole locally

in Bershad district police arrested a resident of Cherkasy region that rural markets stole money from the pockets of consumers. An attacker who sat in the taxi, police caught up in a nearby village. Bershad police detained 26-rechnoho offender is one of the market area systematically stole money from the pockets of inattentive locals. As the chief of police department Oleg Bershad Revolyuk, recent cases of theft of money from visitors of a market area. Interviewing victims and witnesses, the police found that the crimes etc.ychetnyy one of the non-native residents. To install and delay the attacker in market days increased the number of police officers for enforcement. Police detained the offender when he was stealing nearly three thousand and bank card in the 72-year-old pensioner, got into a taxi. They found 26-year-old town. Uman. Male earlieridbuvav punishment for theft. Seeing police, he tried to get rid of evidence of his involvement in the offense - a bank card in the name of the victim thrown under the seat by car. An attacker arrested in judicial order on suspicion of theft. Investigation Department of the police opened criminal proceedings under Part 1 of Art. 185Criminal Code of Ukraine (theft). For such a crime punishable up to three years in prison. Dear citizens! To avoid becoming a victim of such crimes, be careful in crowded places and public transport. Do not leave things unattended, do not hold your wallet, money and documents in the outer pockets, bags, bags, lehkodostupnyh for thieves. SZEM Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Vinnitsa region