Bukovina "Sokolyata" thanked the volunteers for their help and prepared a surprise

Volunteers "Bucovina - Ukrainian army" for a long time helps employees love Response "Falcon" OCD AMIA Ukraine in Chernivtsi region who are serving in the area ATO. Policemen to thank for their support and providedassistance to volunteers prepared a video message. For over 7 months Special Forces officers "Falcon" OCD MIA serving in the area of ??counter-terrorism operations. Volunteers to ease conditions in hot spots and support the fighters gave assistance amounting to almost 300 thousand. - This imagers, sights, PlancheEta, elements of equipment, food, etc. - says Vitali volunteer Dron. In general, try to provide everything you need. Of course, that ordered the soldiers themselves - continues to volunteer. Volunteer Natalia Bocharova, in turn, thanked the soldiers "Falcon" for their hard service in the East. The woman appealed to philanthropists, entrepreneurs andasking concerned citizens continue to be involved in providing assistance territorial integrity of our country. Head OCD AMIA Ukraine Chernivtsi oblast Nikolai Nemtsov for significant contribution in the fight against organized crime, help in providing equipment and comprehensive support department rapid response "Falcon" inruchyv thank volunteers and delivered a video message fighters from the area of ??counter-terrorism operations. Volunteers with curiosity watched the video and were pleasantly surprised. Acknowledgement of police officers and their patriotism touched to tears well. Alla Mustetsa, head volunteer organization, thanked for such a pleasant surprise from biytsiv. - After touching words of gratitude, we are even more convinced that doing a good job. We will continue to strongly support our defenders. SZEM Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Chernivtsi region

Source: http://artlife.rv.ua/