In Vinnytsia need to create new approaches to interaction with agricultural enterprises - Valery Cow

communicating with the heads of regional state administrations, the head of the region Valery Cow touched on the development of the agricultural sector in Vinnitsa region. OSA Director noted that in recent years in agricultural region occurred sattyevi change, and therefore the system of relations of agrarian enterprises needs to be updated. "When we talk about the need to develop agricultural business must realize that agriculture - a key sector of our area's economic growth. We must build a new system of interaction with agriculturaltions companies "- said the head of state administration. The first basic element of the system, according to Valeria Koroviya - all relating to the employment of people. Another component is the issue of food security. The third component - the complex issues related to land relations. "The primary means of agricultural productionand the earth was and is. Through this tool we have to work and do everything to ensure that the planned crop rotation were sufficient to preserve the fertility of the soil and the land was left to future generations, "- said the head region. Another, very practical aspect is a significant increase in the size of the fixed agriculturaltax: the rate is per 1 ha increased an average of 6 to 140 USD. "These are funds that go into the general fund budget of village, town council and allow then to fund development programs", - said Valery cow. However, the RSA chairman said that the regional power mostpromote agribusiness development, but it is necessary to increase productivity, to attract new and emerging technologies and maintain competitiveness. This was reported in the Vinnytsia Regional State Administration