Lviv is a competition director for theater pop miniatures

February 13, the Lviv city council and the selection of applicants for the vacant post of Director of L'theater pop miniatures "And men and puppets." This was reported in the press service of the Lviv City Council. &Laquo; Preference will be given to the strongest personalitystrongest candidate who would combine an understanding of theater as a creative institution, as an institution that has certain social problems, and how cultural institutions having their economy, their business plans and should seek to develop using, including their own income, not to be an institution that sits on a budget. While we allunderstand that theater, in our opinion, can not be commercial in the world there are few commercial theaters. Our theaters are public and public theaters, and they differ from commercial, they focus not only on income but also a very differentiated audience, they are guided by experiment and other thingsthan commercial theater that focuses on profit at the huge number of spectators on entertainment and the rapid turnover of capital. This is our theaters are different, I think they will remain so, because this is the philosophy and Eastern European European Theater & raquo ;, – said Head of Culture LCC Irina Magdysh. She postsomyla also now have four candidates for the position. &Laquo; Some people know there are new people, which had just met. Of course, this position will embrace some one, but I'm very happy that such competitions are served by people who then become personnel reserve. We met new people, people who want to work in the field of culture, have aand skills. I think that the talent pool is crucial because we need very much to update people working in the cultural sector. Next week will be conducted interviews with those who Competition Commission finds as a potential candidate, and hope that on Monday or Tuesday will be a new director for & raquo ;,&Ndash; she said. Told

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