The schools will not cancel Vinnichiny spring break

According to Deputy Director of the Department of Education State Administration - Chief of secondary education, preschool education and educational work of Andrew Lisak, Vinnichchine quarantine because children do not nazdohanyatymut curriculum for spring vacation. "Spring Break Categoriesand will Vinnichchine. Nazdohanyatymut curriculum through consolidation and additional classes after school. In that way make up for lost time in the schools decide individually on pedagogical pleased "- said Andrew Lisak. He noted that the epidemiological situation in the education field Stablelizuvalasya. Despite the decrease in the incidence of students learning not only restored in 8 schools Vinnitsa region. In the forced vacation, due to excess epidporoga, are now 1750 students. "Now the educational process in schools suspended three areas. The largest number of closed schools in Vinnytsia region - 6 "- pidkreslyv Andrew Lisak. Recall due to excess epidporoga Vinnichchine schools began to close on 6 February. During this time, the quarantine was closed more than 100 schools edge. Suspended educational process was in all schools in the city. Haysyn winery and region. This was reported in the Vinnytsia Regional State Administration