Agency for the modernization of Ukraine was founded in Vienna

After 200 days, the Agency will present a clear plan to bring Ukraine out of the crisis. According to preliminary estimates, restoration and modernization of the Ukrainian economy need $ 300 billion investment. agency created by the French, British, German business community initiative federationsuu employers and trade unions Ukraine. FEU, trade unions and representatives of the European business elite negotiate with potential investors to attract investment in Ukraine. VIENNA, March 3, 2015. The representatives of France, Germany and the UK supported the proposal of the Federation of Employers of Ukraine and trade unions, and created Ahentstt modernization of Ukraine. After 200 days, the agency will present a clear comprehensive plan of modernization of Ukraine. As a result of the forum "Ukraine Tomorrow", which proshov in Vienna signatures on the Declaration on the agency put the head of the German-ukrahyinskoho Forum Rainer Lindner, Chairman of the German-Ukrainian Parliamentary Group, Member of the BundestagKarl-Georg Velman French public figure, philosopher and writer Bernard-Henri Levy and member of the House of Lords of the British Parliament, Lord Richard wood-. Modernisation Plan Ukraine will prepare eight prominent European politicians and businessmen who led Ukraine towards European integration, health, finances and taxes, economy, trade,vli, constitutional reform, and law, anti-corruption and application of laws. In the final declaration of the forum stated: "The modernization program includes key provisions that are crucial for the future of Ukraine: the reform of the Constitution, the legal system and government institutions, integration into the European Union, the fightcorruption, financial sector issues and governance, modernization of economy, trade and health. Since the beginning of reforms will create Ukrainian Recovery Fund to support sustainable economic development and infrastructure. " The agency was created after 9 months of the Federation of Employers of top politicianss and businessmen in Europe. Last year in Vienna were two round tables, which were identified key obstacles to establishing lasting peace in Ukraine and its economic development. Declaration by the results of the forum "Ukraine tomorrow," notes the role of the previous round, held in Vienna with the participation of the Federation of EmployersUkraine: "Numerous offers the first roundtables constitutional reform, decentralization, economic policy and foreign trade with the European Union and the Eurasian Economic Union later reflected in the results of the Minsk talks. In the Ukrainian civil society broadly welcomed Vinskyi process. Federationemployers and trade unions Ukraine Ukraine Agency proposed a modernization of Ukraine to continue and institutionalize reform efforts of the participants' Vienna round tables ", - the outcome document of the forum" Ukraine tomorrow. " However, the Agency will modernize the fund reconstruction of Ukraine, said GoalPeninsula FEU Firtash. In parallel with the development plan, we will negotiate with investors and consider their views and interests. We want to draw a total of $ 300 billion. This amount is estimated to need to complete quality reconstruction of the Ukrainian economy. It is important that the money go into business and specific projects. And wecan immediately see their performance, "- said the Chairman of FEU. The declaration signed by Germany, France and Britain said that most members of Europe has been and remains Russia, which has deep historical and cultural ties with Ukraine. "Therefore initiators of the Agency for the modernization of Ukraine also want to make sEyelash contribution to the normalization of relations with Russia. Memorandum of the first round table in Vienna confirmed that the stabilization of the situation in Ukraine and reform is the common interest of the EU and Russia. For the successful economic development of Ukraine, in turn, requires close cooperation with the two economic zones - European Union and the Eurasian Economic Union "- Noted in the document. Head of German-Ukrainian Parliamentary Group Bundestag Karl-Georg Velman presented experts who prepare the plan of modernization of Ukraine. The direction of European integration led G?nter Verheugen, European Commissioner for Enlargement in 1999-2004. Direction Finance and Tax headed Peer Shteynbryuk -author of euro rescue during the economic crisis of 2008. The economic trend led Laurence Parisi - one of the most influential women of France, in 2005-2013 years led the French Association of Employers (MEDEF). Head of Trade - British Lord Mandelson, who served in the governments of Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, and was later Hebokomisarom of trade. Rupert Scholz headed the direction of reforming the Constitution and law. Corruption direction headed Pole Wlodzimierz Chymoshevych which in 1996-1997 was Prime Minister of Poland, and as Foreign Minister of Poland (2001-2005) signed an agreement on Poland's accession to the EU. Direction of laws headed by Lord Macdonald, whoin 2003-2008 was the chief prosecutor in England and Wales. Direction of Health led Bernard Kuschner - former Foreign Minister of France and founder of the organization "Doctors Without Borders".