In Khmelnytsky signaling the State Security Service saved cafe Theft

Two men tried to enter the night in the shop-cafe by pressing the plastic window. The facility alarm went off State Security Service and a few minutes attire SSS detained thieves. In Khmelnytsky about half of the third hour rarespiration in the remote central monitoring Department of Civil Service of the Ministry of Interior of Ukraine in Khmelnitsky region received signal "anxiety" from one of the cafes of the city. At the scene immediately went attire of detention. Approaching the object, the police noticed that there vovtuzytsya unknown. When the man saw the police car, thenrushed to escape. This behavior aroused the suspicion of the unknown and police officers, so they caught and arrested him. During the test, the object of which was received alarm, police found damaged plastic window. Inside the room was another man with a bottle of liquor in his hands. As it turned out, tsiyenights two men, 38-year and 40-year-old Khmelnytsky, entered into a cafe for the purpose of theft. However, as soon as they could damage the window alarm went off. One of the attackers tried to escape from police and other detained "on hot" with a bottle of brandy. Realizing that they can not escape the punishment for this act, thieves beganswearing and cursing and treated aggressively, but a few minutes wrists fans of "darmivschyny" locked kaydanky. As directed by the senior investigative team, which was also summoned to the scene detained after the examination was taken to the South West of the police. At this time, for this fact is checked by h.2 tbsp. 185 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (theft). Under current law, the offense provided for the maximum sentence - up to three years in prison. UDSO at MIA Ukraine in Khmelnytsky region