In Chernihiv region in Krasylivtsi firefighters during the liquidation of fire found the bodies of two elderly men and women

February 27 at 5:59 to the Rescue "101" in the area Kozeletska fire was reported private dwelling house in the village. Krasilovka. Prior to the scene firefighters arrived 5th State Fire and Rescue parts of Kozelets andprofessional office from Olyshivky. Through efficient and coordinated efforts of rescuers locate the fire at 6:20, and at 7:15 finally eliminated. In one of the rooms of the home firefighters found the body of 88-year-old mistress. The next day at 8:10 in the same village there was another fire in a building. At the scene, firefighters quickly arrived to claimrofesiynoho fire-rescue office from Olyshivky. At the time of their arrival was engulfed in flames roof. During quenching rescuers found the body in the home of 79-year-old owner of the house. According to preliminary data, the cause of both fires was the lack of fire rozdilky between the chimney stove and wooden structures overlapping home. OCtuvalnyky State Emergency Service of Ukraine turning the population to advance care for the health of the device heating. It is necessary to clean the chimney soot, zashparuvaty cracks and whitewash heating furnace. The complex of these measures will prevent fires and tragic consequences. Management DSNS in Chernihiv region