In Khmelnytsky rescuers had fire-tactical exercise to eliminate conventional fire at the site of the mass occupancy

February 12 cinema « & raquo ;, MIR in town. Bilohir ’ I had a fire and rescue tactical exercise with conventional fire extinguishing. For tactical plan, as a result of violation of fire safety in BClektrozvaryuvalnyh work on fire on stage theater with its subsequent distribution area of ??30 square meters. m. The fire injured worker. To the scene quickly arrived workers 24 th State Fire and Rescue post that eliminated the conventional fire and evacuated visitors and the victim gave ambulance toof care. Also at about ’ site of disconnected power grid, and ensure public order police. Acting Duty ’ yazky Bilohirskoho District Chief of the Main Directorate DSNS sector in Ukraine Khmelnytsky oblast Victor Perestyuk said that lifeguards and staff about ’ t smoothly facilityand fast enough experience in tactical task to eliminate conventional fire at about ’ site of the massive presence of people. District Belogorsky sector PG DSNS in Khmelnytsky region