In Ternopil region traffic police stopped the driver who was carrying a grenade in the car

car "Volkswagen T4" was stopped by traffic police during operative-preventive operation "Weapons and explosives" in Monastyryska. Attention is drawn derzhavtoinspektoriv object lying in the lateral compartment door car that looked like from the outsidegrenade "F-1" with enthusiasm inserted. 40-year-old driver explained that a real grenade, which he, like, a few days ago found near his village Koropets. At the scene immediately got experts who seized dangerous discovery and sent her to study. Currently on this fact checks. The driver will have to answer for ECSS " discovery & quot ;. State car recalls that, noticing suspicious items (bags, boxes, etc.), cars which have been left unattended in no way try to open or inspect them - it should make specialists. On any suspicious items requested to immediately notify by telephone " 102 " the nearest branchesof the police. UGAI Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Ternopil region