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In Ternopil create room museum Yaroslava S.Stetsko

On creation in Ternopil Museum Yaroslava S.Stetsko discussed during the meeting, under the direction of Acting Deputy Head of Ternopil Oblast State Administration Ivan Babiychuk on 2 March. In particular, he noted that according to the program commemorating Ukrainian victims in the XX century vnaslidofor occupational regimes, in 2014 - 2016 years of the century there will be work to create exposure. "It was decided that on the basis of Ternopil regional museum will be a commission of exposure and development expenditure calculations on it. Also, the committee will include representatives of NGOs, - said the director ofcultures, religions and nationalities RSA Gregory Chergui. - Regional administration, in turn, according to the calculations finance the creation of the museum. " Plans to open a museum room Heroes Day, which celebrated 23 May. Note: Yaroslav (Slava) S.Stetsko (nee Anna Yosypivna Music, May 14, 1920, Romanivka, Terebovlyanskyy region, Ternopil - March 12, 2003, Munich) - Ukrainian political activist, journalist, co-organizer of the Red Cross UPA, women's networks and youth OUN Anti-Bolshevik Bloc of Nations (ABN). The wife of Yaroslav Y.Stetsko. Chairman of the OUN (b) (1991-2001). The first leader of the Congress of Ukrainian Nationalists (CUN). Member of ParliamentUkraine, second, third and fourth convocations. This was reported in the Ternopil Regional State Administration