Ternopil City Council passed the zone ATO another car in the

area ATO, police battalion « January & raquo ;, who serve in the Donetsk region, Ternopil City Council passed a car. Volunteers manned car products, medical supplies and special equipment. As the Mayor Sergei Nadal Ternopil, car purchased by funds shalltsenativ and representatives of the Ukrainian diaspora. &Laquo; This is n ’ fifth car that we pass in the area, police ATO. I want to thank all of Ternopil, entrepreneurs, sponsors for their support and daily help soldiers. Only together we can win this war & raquo ;, - said Sergey Nadal. Recall that in Ternopil sUniversity ’ th ATO members are exempt from paying property tax, free apartment can install water meters, obtain land for construction, and children ATO members are exempt from paying for meals in pre-school and educational complex Ternopil. Also approved in complex programsma support and rehabilitation participants ATO, which includes medical, psychological help soldiers and other social services. This was reported in the Ternopil City Council

Source: http://artlife.rv.ua/