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Ivanofrankivtsyam budget be allocated funds for the treatment of

year's budget Ivano-Frankivsk provides financial assistance to low-income residents of the city, the people who need support, financial aid for the purchase of drugs for treatment or medical institutions. This March 2, reported correspondent IA ZIK. According to the headDepartment of Social Policy Alexandra Zaklynskoyi this year in the budget laid funds to help city residents who often get sick. &Laquo; those who need expensive as treatment who discovered diseases such as cerebral palsy, liver cirrhosis, cancer, etc. can help to treat » , &Ndash; said an official in. DFor in order to get help, contact the Mayor or the Department of Social Policy and a statement of expert opinion, which is released in the clinic for check-in and sanctioned by the head of the clinic. In conclusion should indicate that it is a disease in humans and drugs needed for treatment. The meeting expertnoi Board is determined by the amount of money for each treatment. Told