The goal - not collecting army of bots and create meanings - Advisor stack

total mobilization Ukrainian spaces on the Internet continues. Ministry informpolityky despite the error continues to set network patriots. On the nature of the project tells his manager – Adviser to the Minister of Information Policy Yuri stack, known bloherskym nicknameth Cruz Cruz Alexander Baraboshko. He said the goal is not to raise an army of bots, it is about creating meaning. &Laquo; Ministry, its priority task – I see myself – it should be a universal news service that provides prompt replies to questions precisely the agenda that affect people. For example, all in cotsmerezhah discuss where dilas Hontaryeva. In such challenges must respond Mininforpolityky – called ’ yazuvatys with state and say: « some people want to hear your position there. What would it do some action there, and so on & raquo ;, – said Alexander Baraboshko, adviser George stack. One of the first projects of the Ministryinformpolityky was Ukrainian online army troops online. &Laquo; I should say that this project has received a number of diverse guest online. But in just two days more than 20 thousand Ukrainian (and I think there were not only Ukrainian registrations) users join this project, expressed their suggestions & raquo ;, – stverdzhuis Cruz Cruz. At this point in the portal already registered more than 35 thousand users. These data « Video Library » yesterday received directly from the adviser stack. Josh ’ yazuvannya his agenda – that's one of the objectives of those online « mobilizuvavsya » for the benefit of Ukraine, says Ukrainian General Internshipt-forces, reports Telekritika. Told