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In Khmelnytsky Chemerovechchyny community said goodbye to the fallen soldiers ATU

Yesterday Chemerovets'kyi area residents said goodbye fighter with the 30th separate mechanized brigade Igor Voloshin, who was killed on January 31 in battle near the village Chornukhyne, Popasnaja district, Luhansk region. To conduct the funeral of Hero of Ukraine, in his native village Kuzmynchykand where he was born gathered representatives of the executive authority area, managers and employees of structural subdivisions of RSA, regional institutions and organizations fighting cousins, relatives and Igor A. public. Igor Voloshin was born in August 1969 in the village Kuzmynchyk Chemerovets'kyi area. Graduated Vilhovetskuhigh school and faculty Carpathian National Academy of Internal Affairs of Ukraine. Five years from 1996 to 2001, served as a district inspector of the central police station Khmelnytsky CF MIA. Recently, he worked at Khmelnitsky Monterey track race track. In August 2014 Igor Voloshin was mobilized to the ArmedForces of Ukraine and the most difficult parts of the eastern front defending the territorial integrity and independence of Ukraine. During the memorial service funeral ceremony participants, creating a live band during the commemorative march chanted slogans "Hero of Ukraine Igor - Glory," "Glory to Ukraine - Glory Heroes!" And "Ukraine is above all." The words of sympathy for the familyhybloho expressed district administration head Alexander Stakhurska, chairman of the District Council Igor Bully, Vilhovetskyy village head Vladimir Tsvigun and others. They emphasized the exceptional courage and patriotism of our friend and noticed that the memory of Igor Voloshin will live forever in the hearts of every citizen Chemerovechchyny. This is invidomyly in