The Government of Ukraine has developed a new system of subsidies, and proposes to allocate an additional 12.5 billion to help low-income families

The Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk at a meeting of Ukraine on Saturday, February 28. Yatsenyuk said that overall funding for subsidies will be provided 24 billion USD."If you will need more, we find more. As a key function of the state - to protect the poor and give opportunity to the number of poor decreased. This can be done, if we continue to move towards change, reforms in the country and obtain appropriate investment and financial assistance "- accentsin it. Cabinet, according to the Government, and proposes a new system of subsidies to low-income citizens. The Prime Minister said that the laws in force in the documents required for obtaining subsidies are questionnaire with 90 questions. Under the new system, the number of questions will be reduced to 15. "Will all the family rozsylayou one page application and declaration form that people can fill them quickly and send back to social services, social services and that they were able to work and those who need to appoint a subsidy, "- he explained. Yatsenyuk also said that now people will not have to exert much effort to do so. "We changed the mutualGali ideology. You will not have to go - you have to fill out a very simple form. We must have confidence in each other. A man fills the data and is responsible for the data. So we really encourage all this to be honest and candid approach. Those who should receive subsidies, they quickly get. We will issue money from the budget. Anyone who hasthe right to grant, - not to take away this right other "- he said. Minister of Social Policy of Ukraine Pavlo Rozenko, who presented the project at a meeting of the new system of subsidies, said that according to statistics, subsidies are now only about 1.1 million households. According to experts, the country has 2.5-3 mlMr. poor families, so it was decided to simplify the system of subsidies. Terms of needy citizens eligible for subsidies, expanding, will be lifted restrictions on stock owned several residential buildings, two cars, a requirement for registration of unemployed at the employment agency. The right to receive a subsidy to tenants in the event structurement official agreement on vynaymannya housing. Appoint subsidies, according to Rozenko, will now advance, immediately after receiving documents from citizens, and only then will social protection authorities verify the accuracy of the data. It is worth noting that if they found false information, the citizens who submitted them, threaten fines. Consonantof the new order which is published on the website of the Cabinet of Ministers (Decree of 25.02.2015 64 "On changes to the transfer of some subsidies from the state budget to local budgets for benefits, subsidies and compensation"), applicants receive a grant must submit two documents - statement and declaration (no income). Vymahadocuments from you people is prohibited. It is possible to apply them and contactless - mail. Application forms and declarations for a grant must make and deliver in April owners of flats, companies that supply gas, electricity and heating. Grants will be awarded for 12 months rather than 6 as now. Reported byand in the Vinnytsia Regional State Administration