Paul Rozenko: Reform of subsidies - one of the key reforms in the social sphere

Minsotspolitiki developed a simplified procedure for registration of subsidies. Appropriate amendments presented by the Government Social Policy Minister Pavlo Rozenko. Introducing appropriate changes by the Government, Minister for Social Policy Mr. Paul Rozenkoaholosyv that reforming the subsidies - one of the key reforms in the social sphere. "According to experts, there are about 2.5-3 million. Poor families who are not able to pay for housing and utilities. However, the subsidy system now covers only 1 million. 100 thousand. Families. Another category of people - or payTh, or forced to save for essential goods to pay bills in full, "- he said. According to him, this situation is due to mistrust of people in the system of subsidies. "This leads to the fact that only a third of the families of those who have the right to enjoy the subsidy system. We want to change this situation, "- said ZAR oftr. He also said that the reform of subsidies is impossible without teamwork of local authorities. "We provide tools - simple and intuitive - and give financial resources. Total subsidies allocated a record number of budget - 24.5 billion. UAH. But how effective this mechanism will work depends on how this refOrmoy embody local authorities ", - said Paul Rozenko. In accordance with the relevant provisions adopted regulations: purpose grants will be based on only two documents to be significantly simplified compared with those who were before - statements and declarations (repealed need to provide information about income, including and workyuyuchyh people); introduces the concept of purpose subsidies on reported data by the applicant (the validation of the data carried by social security after the appointment of subsidies by making queries to the relevant authorities, institutions and organizations); every household at the same time account forof energy in April and October 2015 will receive a simplified application form and return to the application for subsidies; companies providing services for gas, electricity and district heating production should provide application forms and the Declaration and delivering them to customers with accounts to pay AmbassadorsCr; introduced a subsidy for 12 months, and not for the heating season as before; established the principle of automatic subsidy for the new period (canceled to re-access the social security subsidies for appointment to a new period in the absence of changes); all other information requiredfor the purpose of housing subsidies (for security of citizens living space and utilities), have organizations that provide these services at the request of Social Welfare; information collection for the purpose of housing subsidies social security will receive in an exchange of state fiscalnoyi serve and Pension Fund (the applicants prohibit require other documents than envisaged by the appointment of housing subsidies); if incomplete or inaccurate information on revenues and expenses reported in the living room / house persons, be denied the appointment of subsidies or stop providing it. In this case, the applicant is obliged to return excess recalculated (paid) the amount of the subsidy to double; will be given the right to issue grants to individuals who rent housing and pay the cost of utility services under a written contract of employment (rental) housing. This was reported in the Vinnytsia Regional State Administration