Valery Cow: "We must do everything in order to gradually develop a Vinnitsa region" (+ photos)

Head of Regional State Administration Valery Cow held the first working meeting with heads of departments and agencies in the region, during which outlined the priorities that facing the regional authorities. "As the President of Ukraine, the baseth element is to consolidate administrative staff for the development and stabilization of Vinnitsa region. Given those military challenges that we have, the situation is not simple enough. But life goes on and we must do everything in order to gradually develop a Vinnitsa region ", - said Valery cow. The head of the region noted that currently Gothuyetsya session of Regional Council, which reviewed a number of important issues, including on changes and amendments to the regional budget. And given the current situation, it is important to work efficiently on the document to enter the normal mode. Special attention, according to Valeria Koroviya, should be given to preparing for spring sowing, thevow. "It is important that we understand agriculture - this is the industry that creates jobs and provides an opportunity to ensure that people who work there wages", - said the head of RSA. However, he noted, despite the early spring, are necessary to begin works on landscaping around the roads in the villages and towns of the region. NotEqually important position, according to the head area is to ensure normal operation public sector institutions in the region. At the end of the meeting Valery Cow stressed that the efforts of the executive are intended to make people feel positive changes. So focus on results, along with professionalismIOM and humanity - one of the main criteria of the ruling power field. This was reported in the Vinnytsia Regional State Administration