In Transcarpathia police seized from home avtomaystra

kilograms of marijuana during a search of the home of 40-year resident of Mukachevo, who allegedly engaged in the repair of cars, police Mukachevo Gorotdel police found and seized one kilogram of marijuana. All "???????" was packed in bags of different sizes are likely to furthersale. Employees sector to combat drug trafficking Mukachevo Gorotdel police by court order, raided the house of 40-year-old city resident. During a search in the Kitchen police found in jars and boxes bags of marijuana. In addition, the kitchen found digital scales for weighing drug peqovyny and plastic bags for its packaging. During a search of the owner in the house was not. On the "capture" her husband told his wife. According to police, the mukachivets still got the attention of police. Although criminal charges have not yet been brought. The suspect allegedly made a living Remontom car, although it could only cover his "drug" activities. Removed substance, which is about 1 kg. marijuana sent to study at the Research Forensic Centre at the Ministry of Internal Affairs area. In this incident investigator Gorotdel opened criminal proceedings under Part 3 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine 309 (Hezakonne storage of drugs on a large scale). Continues pre-trial investigation. Natalia Machico Mukachevo CF MIA

Source: http://artlife.rv.ua/