Volyn region, rescuers call to stop burning dry grass

each year in Volyn as soon as the snow melts and established warm weather, burning dry grass on economic grounds, along highways and railroads, and even on the side almost in the center of towns and villages. This year for the first time dry grass caught fire already February 7. About 19 hours of the fire near the village Dorosyni Lokachi area noticed the locals. Unidentified attackers set fire to dry grass at a considerable area – land area affected by fire was about 3 hectares. Forces workers to « 101 » managed to control the fire in the day. Already a few days to extinguish burning land confiMoose rescuers Rozhishchenskiy area. In addition, cases of burning posushi recorded in Kivertsivskiy, Lubomilskiy, Ratne areas. February 21 burning suhotrav ’ I near Lutsk. &Ndash; This is the first warning signs, – said Deputy Chief UDSNS in Volyn region Sergey Jura. &Ndash; With the establishment of dry weatherand with the approach of spring, and later agricultural activities reported burning posushi usually frequent. Destroying fertile soil, causing irreparable damage to the environment by combustion products, home negligent in this way restoring order in gardens. Sometimes fire enough even cigarette butts thrown inodiyamy to the side. &Ndash; To prevent mass burning posushi, rescuers about ’ unite forces with environmental inspection staff with whom detect violators during numerous raids, – assured Sergei Jura. To not have to suffocate in smoke veil and not complain about negligent owners, hazards inflictedwell, burning dry grass in his own Lord has to realize each. It is better to create compost heaps, where, and make last year's leaves and waste. UDSNS in Volyn region

Source: http://artlife.rv.ua/