In Lutsk "Spring Cup 2015" mini-football has identified

winners on Saturday and Sunday in the gym SPC number 24 Committee for Physical Culture and Sports of the City Council in conjunction with the Football Federation of Lutsk held a tournament on mini-football among boys 2002 -2003 year of birth "Spring Cup 2015". This tournament is held annually and is contovzhennyam implementation in our city national information campaign "Do not give AIDS a chance!" "Fair play - Fair Game." Organizers also aimed to promote football among secondary schools and Coach, forming their bases healthy lifestyle, and to promote support for children and youth football. The tournamentattended by over a hundred athletes from eight teams youth sports city schools Rozhysche, peas, Kivertsi, football school "Volyn" and the club "Dandy" Lutsk. The tournament took place in two stages. In the first stage through drawing teams were divided into two groups of four teams and played in one round each to each. In group A, gaining maximalnu points, won the team "Volyn-2002 - I". Second place was won by young athletes Kivertsi Coach. Third place in the team "Volyn 2003- II" and the fourth - in rozhyschan. In group B was a fierce struggle. Two teams "Volyn-2003 - I" and "Volyn-2002 - II" scored the same number of points. Only the best difference of scored and points youled to the first second team "Volyn-2002". Third place in the team Coach peas, and the fourth - Lutsk "Dandy". In the second phase (playoffs) two best teams from each group in games among themselves determine the finalists. In the first semifinal match "Volyn-2002 - II" (coach Alexander Antoniuk) with 4: 1 victory Kivertsi Coach (Coach Weetional Lyupa). In the second two teams met with football school masters "Volyn and 2002" (coach Alexander Antoniuk) and "Volyn and 2003" (coach Dmitry Trefilovskyy). The victory with a score of 5: 2 students celebrated Alexander Antoniuk. In the match for third place, which met Coach (Kivertsi) and "Volyn 2003. And" despite the young age athletes onarea there was a real man's struggle. Regular time game ended with the score 2: 2. Therefore, the winner was appointed penalties. In football lottery vluchnishymy were kiverchany who scored two goals. Luciana distinguished only once. So in the end - 4: 3 and kiverchany others. The finale was a fight teamscoach - Alexander Antoniuk. On a platform opposing each other two teams of his pupils born in 2002. The first half of the game actively conducted the first team that has made three goals in stock. The second - the second team recovered and tried to equalize the situation. However, the final whistle judge fixed the winning team "Volyn-2002 - I" with4: 3. Team "Volyn-2002 - II" in the second end. After the tournament winners were awarded with diplomas, cups, medals from the event organizers. Team "Volyn 2003 and" coach Dmitry Trefilovskyy were awarded diplomas and medals "Fair play - Fair Game." Organizers also identified and prizes awarded best players. The best goalkeeper was Victor Kalisz (Coach Kivertsi). The best defender recognized first team player "Volyn-2002" Romance Matviyuka, and the best striker - Nicholas Romaniuk the second team "Volyn-2002". Having scored in all seven matches balls, best scorer of the tournament was Zavadovych Taras became the first team "Volyn 2003" On behalf of the football federationLutsk, assisted in the competition, the prize was awarded by the National Coordinator awareness campaign "Do not give AIDS a chance!" "Fair play - Fair Game" in Lutsk, teacher of Physical Education SPC number 24 Victor Jezierski. In memory of exciting football battles all participants have a souvenir photo. This was reported in Lutsk urbanglad Kyi