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Transcarpathian police seized a bayonet-knife resident Rachivshchina

During operation " Guns and explosives " Rakhiv district police inspectors together with members of the local community formation "Crook" discovered and seized edged weapon. Outside the village of Yassin police have noticed a man who was in a state Alcoholic, nonalcnoho intoxication. He was invited to the police station for Yasinya drafting administrative report. Here, during the review of his personal belongings were found and seized a bayonet-knife. The very man insisted that this bayonet-knife he found in the woods last year ... - In this incident started preliminary investigation st.263 Part 2 of the Criminal kodeConstitutional Court of Ukraine (illegal handling of weapons), - the head of the police Rakhiv Veit Ludwig. Bayonet-knife NDEKTS sent to the Ministry of Interior for the study area. Olesya Tchaikovsky Rahiv District Police