In the Transcarpathian region that do to the child's prank did not cause a fire?

Many children stay at home « economize » themselves because their parents have to work and not to leave the kids with whom. However, this can lead to tragic consequences, including fire. Because kids often choose a toy for matches or left budb de lighters. At the heart of childhood mischief with fire is curiosity, the desire to know the world and imitation of adults who daily porayutsya the stove, gas stove or smoke cigarettes. The problem is that children are not aware of all the dangers of such games, so adults should closely monitor the behavior of their offspring. First of all parents rubsba make it a rule to never leave a child unattended. Furthermore, it should explain the dangers and consequences of kids toys with fire. It should show by example children the correct behavior of electric and gas appliances. Finally, we must teach the child in the event of distress calls to emergency services by calling 101. Details on how to avoidUchi fires caused by children playing with fire, – on infohrafitsi below. In DSNS Ukraine in the Transcarpathian region