Transcarpathian Prosecutor submitted to the court indictment fulfills obligations regarding repayment of tax arrears sector Savelovskaya LIGHTS

Zakarpattia Oblast Prosecutor's Office completed pre-trial investigation and sent to court for consideration on the merits of the indictment fulfills obligations on maturity sector contribucle debt Savelovskaya LIGHTS, received 5 thousand UAH. of Transcarpathian for assistance in resolving issues related to the implementation of excisable products. Tax collector, being aware that tax audits of sub ’ objects entrepreneurs who are implementing alcohol, it is not included in CompetaEnets people, misled Transcarpathians convincing the latter that provided monetary compensation payable to him, he was using his official position, ahead of its hold on the city Svalyavy Slaljava region and any tax audits and solve any problems, Stand ’ attributable to the tax authorities. Money onsadovets got 2 February and was caught by police officers at the scene of the crime. Currently, a tax charged on ch. 1, Art. Ukraine and 364 h. 1, Art. 190 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine - abuse of power and authority that is intentional in order to obtain any undue advantage for himself using official authority or official Artanovyscha against the interests of service if it caused substantial harm to legally protected rights, freedoms and interests of individual citizens, public interest and fraud, that appropriation of another's property by deception and abuse of trust. Press office of the Prosecutor's Office Transcarpathian region