More than 40 tons of humanitarian aid delivered rescuers DSNS Ukraine for two days to settlements east of the country

Today, in addition to tasks to ensure the movement of citizens from dangerous regions in eastern Ukraine, survey and demining liberated areas of work for the restoration of zhyttyezabezBAKING cities and towns of Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts, the State Emergency Services organization tasked with delivering humanitarian supplies to meet the needs of the population affected by the actions of terrorists. Together with the local authorities, through volunteer rescuers work for the collection and delivery of humanitarianher care for residents of Donbass. First of all, people need food, drinking water, warm clothes, medicines and building materials to restore dwellings in cities suffering from constant attacks by terrorists. Currently in the eastern regions are reduced units DSNS – Mobile Rescue Centre headed by Sergey Lavrynencom and regional rapid reaction center under the leadership of Sergei Belyaev. Almost every day they seek out possible ways to secure the delivery of humanitarian assistance and are sent to residents of settlements foodstuffs and building materials. So, yesterday rescuers Mobile Rescue Center currently operating in Luhansvein area, armored cars KRAZ delivered food to the town of Trinity – 15 tons and 10 tons of food to Popasna. In particular, in the village of Trinity humanitarian aid rescuers dumped in the building of Holy Trinity Church, which suffered considerable damage due to fire. And in Popasna – the territory pozheintermediate parts. Currently, local authorities creates lists of people in need of first aid. Further rescuers deliver food to the addresses to people. &Ldquo; We are continuously load and deliver needed food to people, talk to the locals. The village of Trinity, in which we were taken humanitarian aid fromnahodytsya on neutral territory, actually on the border between the territory with the militants and the territory controlled by the Ukrainian military. Locals really happy when they come to rescue. Once we started to unload help us immediately came locals and kids. They told us that inlashtuvaly your life and how accustomed to current conditions. The most important is that each of them live with faith in a peaceful and tranquil future in Ukraine & rdquo ;, - the head of the Mobile Rescue Center Sergei Lavrynenko. Note that before rescuers Mobile Rescue Center was taken to the villagers Novotoshkivka 5 tons contuktiv food. In turn, mobile Interregional Center for Response, which recently went on Basin, taken to the village. Mironovsky Donetsk Region 10 tons of humanitarian aid to the population. Also yesterday, the city of Donetsk region Avdiyivka rescuers more organized delivery process water colors on localspeakers and 180 liters of diesel fuel for diesel generators (80 liters for the central city hospital, 100 liters – to « Ukrtelecom »). Thus, rescuers DSNS Ukraine for two days was taken to the settlements east Ukraine more than 40 tons of humanitarian aid. Residents of Donetsk and Luhansk regionAstete received food, sugar, flour, cereals, pasta, water, vegetables, sweets, as well as building materials and medykamenty.Ukrtelekomu Press office