In the Rivne region completed preliminary investigation against three police officers who wrongly applied to the citizen violence

Investigation Department prosecutors Rivne region completed pre-trial investigation in the criminal proceedings on suspicion of three district officers Rivne Gorotdel officers who wrongly appsuvaly citizen to violence. Established that these police officers in October 2014 in the absence of any reason to detain and forcibly tried to deliver to the premises of Rivne CF UMVDU in Rivne 32-year-old inhabitant of the regional center for the investigation for his participation. Thus, going beyond their officials office, the police arbitrarily applied to said citizen physical violence, causing him a few punches and kicks in various parts of the body, the hurt and caused injuries. Actions police prosecution qualified Rivne Oblast, ch. 1, Art. 28, ch. 2, Art. 365 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (full of abuseovazhen, accompanied by violence, and so painful that offend personal dignity of the victim, the actions committed by a group of people). At the request of prosecutors suspected area court suspended from their duties in respect of which a preventive measure in the form of house arrest. At present, the suspect announced completion of pre-rozslidution, they are granted access to the criminal proceedings. After reading their indictment against the police officers will be sent to court for consideration. Reference: Sanction ch. 2, Art. 365 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine provides for punishment of imprisonment for a term of three to eight years with disqualification to hold certain positions or to takebe certain activities for up to three years. Press service of the regional prosecutor's office