In Rivne Privat improves customer service

For the convenience of customers at the center of the city of Rivne opened a new branch on the street. Slovak 4/6 (business center "Slovak") and conducted repair work in the department on the street. 192. Department Cathedral reformatted to work under the new standards of banking services - workingspace and equipment to serve customers using tablets. In Rivne Privat moved to the new format of customer service. Instead of conventional computers, bank branches serving customers using tablets. This change allows the customer to teach Internet banking, perform operations faster and reduces Thrhy. The tablet is equipped with all mobile applications Privat, in which bank employees can provide customers with a variety of services - from design cards, deposit insurance to buy train tickets, plane tickets or bus. And the replacement of conventional round tables for clients are able to directly located near the employeeand the bank and watch his every move in the operation. This nahlyadnist operations and thus helps clients learn to make payments through the terminals and privat24. Given the mobility of tablets by the client try to distribute certain transactions in applications Privat. Also, any separate Privat in mobilnyy phone client to download and customize applications for payments Privat and learn to use them. Overall, Rivne customers Northwestern District Privat can be served in 58 offices and carry out operations in more than 324 self-service terminals.