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DSNS Ukraine again warned citizens to be cautious in identifying explosive objects!

Every year the number of people affected by explosive remnants increasing. For example, in 2013 the rate of injured and killed by explosive remnants reached 30 people, including 2 children, then in 2014 was recorded 36affected. In addition, the increase in the number of affected children – to 9. Experience shows that most often causes major increase in the number of injured is the neglect of the rules of safe handling of explosive remnants. Especially last year was a tragic incident that occurred on 28 September in the village Pidhorivka Luhansk region. Toddand two boys – 16 and 20 years of age – decided at home to disassemble explosive devices, resulting in an explosion. One of the guys took off his right hand on his shoulder, and another was injured oskolochni neck and right arm. Earlier this year, the sad statistics affected by explosive remnants prodovzhuyetsya. In particular, January 28 in Rivne explosion in a residential building, which resulted in two people were injured and one killed. How can ’ it turned out later, the house was explosive devices. February 16 in Zhytomyr break from anti-tank grenades killed a man, born in 1959, who tried to disassemble explosiveand the subject in his yard ’ her. How can ’ it turned out, the man was unemployed, has repeatedly engaged in dismantling ammunition found in nearby landfill located. February 18 in Chernihiv region, in the village. Turnip, school 2 there was a massive explosion, which resulted in 2 school employee injured and one – died. Children in theexplosion were in school in Daycare, were not injured and were quickly evacuated from the building. How can ’ it turned out later, Rocket-propelled grenade fire "RPG-18". He brought to the school as a museum piece, a volunteer who recently returned from the region of TU. Therefore, State Emergency Service of Ukraineand once again appeals to citizens asking: in the case of Munitions in any case not to touch them and immediately call the number 101 or 102. Dear parents! Talk to your children about the dangers that hide in a explosive device. Because children's thirst for curiosity future worth living. Once again emphasize that piDr. detects a suspicious object is strictly forbidden to touch and move it; fill its fluids, fill with soil or covering it with something; use means rad ’ communication, mobile phones (they can trigger an explosion); touch suspicious device and carry it to sound, light, heat or shallhanichnyy effect, because almost all explosives and poisonous sensitive to mechanical, sound effects and heating. If you find explosive devices immediately call 101 or 102. (Video Media) Press office DSNS Ukraine