John Leschynyn: " At Sykhiv build the Cross and arrange park & ??quot;

Lviv City Council February 26, 2015 directed more than 1 million for the construction of tracks in the park & ??quot; Bison & quot ;, that Sykhiv area for further laying the Cross and arrangement of leisure zone. This was during the Lviv monthskrady the deputy of PA " Freedom " John Leschynyn. &Quot; In b'yudzhet of the city during a plenary session we were able to include 434 thousand in proyektni work and 1.176 million 300 hryvnia for part construction and arrangement of the park. This amount - only the first step to build the Cross, and the arrangement withHN leisure & quot ;, - said svobodivets. According to Ivan Leshchyshyn, the idea of ??building in this area the Cross arose several years ago in a conversation with the rector of the parish church Sykhiv most of the Blessed Virgin father Orestes Fredyna. &Quot; Under then I as a member of the district and our district authorityizatsiyi PA " Freedom " actively supported the idea of ??", - said the deputy. &Quot; Sykhivskiy forest is divided into two parts. In the middle of the park will ring diyametrom 400 meters - a zone of quiet rest. This will pave the Way of the Cross, which will have 14 stops for parishioners and belongs to the largest church in Sykhiv Blessed Virgin. Bottomvayusya what the park belonging to the church of its operations and provide protection against vandalism. The second part - the zone of leisure. It will be constructed wavy large ring that is intended for active leisure. Around him are planned for children and sports grounds. In general, the park will be laidwalking paths, lighting, benches and litter bins must & quot ;, - reported svobodivets. Finally, nationalist noted that members of the district and member of the Lviv City Council PO " & quot ;, Liberty Church parishioners and residents Sykhiv repeatedly performed combined work to clean up 42 hectares of park & ??quot; Bison " of shrubsand thicket. &Quot; I hope that soon will begin work at the park & ??quot ;, - said John Leschynyn. This was reported in the press service of the Lviv city organization VO " Freedom "