In the Lviv region give joy and good easy

government representatives kursantskoho faculty for training units for human resources and public security police February 26 pupils visited the small orphanage 2. Once again, the kids are happy to have met his police friends, for time Conductedand with the kids remember for a long time. The said institution - the health care facility, which employs medical and teaching staff activity is focused on care and care for orphans and children deprived of parental care, providing professional assistance. This kids, like anyone else, need attention to yourself and true human warmth. This namahayutsya they give the students LvDUVS that is not the first row to the pupils visited by the sponsored child care facility. Every visit his young police plan ahead and never come to visit empty-handed. This time they pochastuvaly their little friends delicious fruit and sweets, as well as a children's library updated with new brightand stories about the cat in boots, Kuma Lisa, arts and many other fairy tale characters. So, my friends, do not be indifferent! Let's smile more often, do good deeds and give joy and love of neighbor. Department of Public LvDUVS