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Rivne identified the police, who were aware of the explosion of automobile bridge

Within minutes police established a person of 23 years yesterday told a 102 service that midnight unknown persons intending to blow up the bridge over the river Gorin in the village. Horbakiv Goshcha area through which the road runs Kyiv-Chop. Duringcommunication with the operator spoke vaguely known, meaningless, could not formulate an opinion, moreover, it was clear that people in a state of intoxication. - Law enforcement officers quickly identified the unknown. They found 33-year-old Taras, villager Dorohobuzh Goshcha area. The man has repeatedly treated alkoholizmu behavioral disorders due to regional neuropsychiatric hospital. The bridge, which pointed drunk Taras, guarded round the clock staff of the police station and the traffic police. Carefully examining cities, foreign objects and persons have been identified - the head of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Rivne region Sergei Maximov. The reason for this message Chomale smokers guards could not explain, because, according to doctors, he was under the influence of alcohol and they would also bring him to his senses. The man was taken to the police department Goshcha and information brought to the journal Common accounting statements and reports of criminal offenses and other events. It is possible that Taras again have laneebuvaty under medical supervision. SZEM Internal Affairs of Ukraine Rivne region