Transcarpathian police detained

serial robber Mukachevo detectives arrested the attacker, on account of which a number of robberies and robberies. The suspect tried to "cover their tracks" and Mukachevo rozshukovyky detained him in the next Ternopil region. The robber was 22-year-old previously convicted mukachivets. During OctoberI-December last year to Mukachevo police officers received a number of allegations of looting and robbery on the streets. Analyzing all offenses, criminal investigation officers have concluded that this is the work of one man. How to tell the detectives Criminal Investigation and Martin Jaroslav Jaroslav Hankovych all pohrabunky as robbery occurred indifferent times of day and in different districts of Mukachevo. All victims - women of all ages, from young girls to older retirees. The attacker, telling Mukachevo police acted in various ways, and often pidbihav front or back through and jerk, stole a bag or mobile phone and ran. In some cases, deputy mukachivetsosovuvav force: a woman knocked off balance, so that the latter fell to the ground and just pulled handbags. In addition to 10 robberies, on account of her husband - 3 robbery just for women. In this case, previously convicted persons employed wooden stick. Pidbihav women behind vdaryav from one to five times in the head and took away a bag of personal peqs, documents, plastic cards, mobile phones and others. Although methods aim mukachivtsya was in any way seize handbags. The amount of loss to victims in different cases ranged from 400 to 2,150 thousand. UAH. In the field of police, says the head of the criminal police Mukachevo Gorotdel pidpolkovnyk Jaroslav Tovkan, 22-year-old man was long ago. He has already had convictions for similar offenses. In summer, the young man was released from prison in October and took the old. In late December 2014 operatives detained mukachivtsya who are hiding from law enforcement in another region - Ternopil region. For all the factssenior investigator Mukachevo Gorotdel Anna Zvonar police opened criminal proceedings under Para 2 st.186 (robbery, combined with violence) and for chast.1 and 2 st.187 (robbery in order to capture another's property, combined with violence dangerous to life or health entity). The suspect after the pre-trial and trial The investigationturns is threatened punishment of imprisonment for a term of 10 years. At present, the suspect is in custody. Natalia Machico Mukachevo CF MIA